Hesselink Webdesign

Vision about the design proces

Web sites that people and search engines like

Katinka Hesselink

I'm a former teacher and student at Leiden University specilized in world religion, specifically Buddhism. I've been active online since 1999 and my website dates back to 2000. As a teacher I know how people think and as an experienced web designer I know how to implement this on a website. 

For international websites I mainly offer usability advice. I've studied the most recent studies on this subject and have a feel for what works for people. This involves how the information is organized, where the menus are placed, some important technical details and more.

Why KH Net Webdesign?

  • Simple, tasteful design
  • Accessible for those less fortunate (blind, nearsighted) 
  • Accessible for every browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera)
  • Getting found by google